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Digital thermostatic shower is definitely epoch-making on shower products evolution. No matter when you turn on the shower, it always delivers water with the exactly right temperature only. Enjoy the immediate comfort of shower. Unparalleled shower and hydro-massage sensations come with a few preset shower modes including Scottish shower and 3D circulative opposite hydro-massage.
Main features:
Ø         Digital thermostatic shower
Ø         Double-faced control system
Ø         Vitamin E & C shower
Ø         Scottish shower
Ø         3D circulative opposite hydro-massage
Ø         Pulsating opposite hydro-massage
Ø         400x400mm Large LED ceiling shower with chromatherapy
Ø         Superb steam sauna function (4.5KW)
Ø         MP3 connection & FM radio
Ø         Chemical-free micro-nano bubble skin care system, available with WS125A
Ø         Evenly distributed whirlpool hydro-massage system (1.5HP)
Ø         Superb bottom whirlpool hydro-massage system
Ø         Easy service access
Ø         Steam generator auto-cleaning function
Ø         Double-pole cutoff for power supply, excellently safe
Ø         Silver or satin silver color optional for aluminum profile
Ø         White version and black version optional
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