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Focusing on the sourcing business, Sunchine Consulting is founded in 2005 by Mr francois Shi who has studied in University of Sorbonne in Paris. With its offices in several Chinese cities of the two most active economic zones like Nanjing, Shanghai, Canton and Shenzhen, Sunchine Consulting can easily collect the business information of best quality to meet the needs of its clients. Sunchine Consulting also has one excellent consultant team who has international education background and working experiences, excellent skills of communication and negotiation, which could to help the small and medium foreign companies to succeed in the Chinese market and to optimise their purchasing in full safety and effectiveness.

With the accumulation of sourcing experiences, owing to its network in a quality of fields for many years in China, Sunchine Consulting could help its clients to find the best suppliers, to minimise the cost of international transaction. Also, thanks to the multiply language team, most of Sunchine¡¯s staff could speak fluently English, French and Chinese, even some dialect as Cantonese, Sunchine Consulting could avoid the misunderstanding between the factory and the  foreign buyer, help them to increase the transaction accuracy.

Today, Sunchine Consulting has already contact with more than 300 factories in more than 25 fields. Their services include Market Research, Sourcing, Quality inspection in factory, Order Processing, Delivery of goods, and so on. The objective is to help the clients to create significant and sustainable value (cost, quality and service) in the procurement of their goods. Sunchine Consulting aims to develop a long term relationships based on trust, full transparency with all the clients.

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